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Remember, success is about 90% Attitude and 10% Aptitude! So, never give up looking for your ideal Lifetime Friend, Lover, Bride, or Soul-mate.

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…Just Stop Playing by Yesterdayโ€™s Rules!

Times have changed, and so should you. You ideal partner might reside in another country, and that no longer poses a great obstacle, as the Internet literally shrunk the globe.

However, don’t get too creative and exaggerate about yourself. Basic dating rules have not changed, and women still love gentlemen, men with integrity, thoughtfulness, patience, balance, and honesty.

Perhaps considering a Russian or Ukrainian lady might be a nice change. They make great wife’s, are extreme loyal, family dedicated, and know how to cook healthy meals.

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Russian Women

The reason why Russian women make good wives is simple: Russian girls and Russian women are taught from the early age that family is their first priority and without a good family, a woman cannot be happy.

Now, you may say that it’s not so and there are many women who have not been married, have no children and they are happy and accomplished. This is true – but only in your country and within your culture. In Russia, it’s a common belief that a woman’s happiness is her family. Her career or other things in her life can only compliment her success as a wife and a mother.

Their loyalty and commitment to creating a lovely and happy family is absolute. Most of the women born in middle or low class family have lived a hard life without experiencing the luxuries. Russians believe in their fairy tale’s so they consider a western life like a fairytale life and the men as a fairytale prince. Once they are sure that they have found the prince of their dreams they will do anything to make sure the dream family becomes a reality.

Women in Russia can make a very good career, become a leader, get her own business and at the same time she wants to have happy and stable family life. Good stable family is their first wish and priority. In Russian society’s eyes, a Russian woman should be married with children in order to have respectable social status.

Ukrainian Women

The majority of Ukrainian women seeking western men are NOT desperate to find foreign husbands or emigrate from Ukraine. Those women are usually well educated, attractive and smart. They are not after the Residence Permit or passport as you might think. They seek compatible partners. Ukrainian Women are family-oriented, they are good wives and mothers.

Having Ukrainian wife means to have happy and harmonious life. The wife is a caring mother to children and tender keeper of home. There’s always home made food and order in the house. Ukrainian women are the best mothers; they never leave children after divorce.

To make compromises for Ukrainian women is a way of living. She is always with her husband because she is a partner, not competitor. In general, Ukrainian women are more tolerant, and grew up with this habit of being attached to family and to take care of one another.

Ukrainian families do seem to be more closely-connected and interdependent than those in the West, probably because it has been necessary for them to be. Russian and Ukrainian girls are sexy and they are happy to make their men happy. They accept that husband is a leader, and they are happy to respect and adore him.


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  1. Love everything about this site!

  2. i totaly disgusted to hear about these scams and to have been scammed twice now once by a agency called jellani and once by ua ladys .com makes me so mad & pissed that people can do this and get away with it & the ukrainian goverment do nothing to stop this . i sent hundreads of pounds to women who never exsisted . but now im thinking of opening a company based here in england for people to meet honest genuine women from russia & ukraine eastern european countries . there are 200.000 russia people here in london england alone.

  3. Yeah – the first rule of this whole thing is:


    Pounds, dollars, Euros, yen…. ANY KIND of money.

  4. I’m so drilled that I found this website, because the idea of a Russian, or Ukrainian girl never even crossed my mind. Your excellent examples have really stirred my interest, and now I’m determined to give this a go. Thank you so much, and I’ll post when I got lucky. Maybe invite you for the wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m glad that you stumbled upon us Lester007,

      and that you found a new source to hopefully fulfill your dream. Thanks for sharing your experience, and if Cupid graces you with a bride I’ll be glad to join you for that special day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i love your website, and i have a off topic question if you don’t mind. when i first came here a window poped up and i want to show this to my friends but the popup window does not show anymore, even when i close and open the browser. is there a special way to see it again? thank you.

    • I actually expected this question mikeking0479 ๐Ÿ™‚

      The “Splash Screen” is meant to show up once for first time visitors, to guide them quickly to reveal our mission. Since it would be highly annoying for this screen to pop up repeatedly, it is set to come on once a Month. However, there is a way around, and clearing your browser history is one of them. I also provided an alternative link on the bottom of the “About Us” page titled “Splash Intro” From there it can be played repeatedly. Hope this helps!