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Our Mission is Simple, to Help You Avoid Dating Scams!


The internet, as great as it is, one needs to be very careful not to be scammed as the ramification can be devastating.

Even more so when it comes to online dating, because you’ll not only loose money, but time, faith, hope and a broken heart as well.

Video Transcript

Since knowledge is power, and prevention is better than healing, we intend to bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly about Online Dating. We certainly live in interesting times, where technology and the internet have shrunk the globe, and enhanced our chance to find love much further from home.

Some folks at this point profess that the traditional dating as we know it is dead. Well, everything is debatable, but more to the point, every advantage has a disadvantage. As such, the Online Dating scene is littered with road kill, and many agencies agenda is only money. Unfortunately, the evolution of money kindles this epidemic of fraud and deception.

The possibilities of the Internet has empowered fraudsters equally, and they quickly found new angles to commit crimes. That is why our primary objective is to help you with the 2013 and beyond online dating ways and tricks,so that in your quest to find your ideal partner, lover, bride, or soul mate, you’re not taken to the cleaners.

We’ll recommend the best agencies, and a flurry of articles to help you make intelligent decisions. So that in the end… you can find your Soul Mate. Instead getting trapped in a… Checkmate!

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