Nov 192013

The Best Romance Scams Prevention is a Reliable Agency!

That is a fact! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many single people return to thoughts of finding love online. But while your head is in the online clouds, you should know (sorry to sound like a parent) that cyberscammers may be there with you, looking to take advantage of your vulnerable heart. Continue reading »

Nov 112013

Web Dating Study Reveals Earliest Stages of Courtship.

Web DatingAs a graduate student at Harvard University, sociologist Kevin Lewis began working with a data set that tracked something that scientists had never really been able to systematically study: the earliest stages of courtship. By studying interactions in online dating, he could probe human flirtation in its natural environment in unprecedented detail. Who initiates the interaction? Who reciprocates? What happens next? By Carolyn Y. Johnson Continue reading »

Nov 032013
online dating profile

Your  Online Dating Profile is Very Important.

According to, 40 million people in the U.S. have tried online dating, a staggering number when you consider that there are only 54 million single adults living here to begin with—and that the kingpin of dating sites,, isn’t even of legal age to buy a pretty lady a drink at a bar. By Karyn Polewaczyk Continue reading »

Oct 172013

An inside look at what causes infidelity.

InfidelityWhen it comes to infidelity, the perspectives on relationships provided by attachment theory provide important insights in the factors that influence the course of a couple’s dynamics over time.  According to attachment theory, the earliest relationships we had in childhood provide us with mental models that we carry into our adult lives.  These models take the form of “attachment styles,” or approaches to the people with whom we become close in our romantic lives. Continue reading »

Sep 272013

The Odds are Good, in Finding Love, but How Good are the Goods?

A very thorough scientific analysis of online dating was recently published by Finkel, et al. (2012). In an interesting 64 page article, they overview the history of matchmaking, social psychological theories of relationships, and compare online dating to conventional dating. By: Jann Gumbiner, Ph.D Continue reading »