Dec 202013
disconnectedDo you ever feel that your friend is getting more and more dependent on you? Such relationships often become a burden and it is all the more difficult to carry the same. According to psychologists, it is advisable to get rid of such relationships on time.

By dragging a spoiled relationship, you are just making a space for toxic friendship. Believe it or not, but every relationship is based on the policy of give and take. It can be in the form of materials or emotions.

If the very base of the relationship, that is exchange of emotions, fade it is natural for the relationship to lose its existence.

coupleParasitic relationship

Problems creep in a relationship when friends start relying on each other completely and in every respect. In other words, if your relationship becomes parasitic then you need to give it a thought. If a situation arises where you are unable to let off the relationship and cannot even stick to it, then this is an indication that the time has come when you need to take your call.

If you think your friends only remember you for their needs then you should understand that they are taking advantage of your feelings.

couple-1Sonalika and Deepti also share a similar relationship. Every time Deepti faces a crisis in her life she turns to Sonalika as if she were her punching bag. Deepti does not think that sharing her problems with Sonalika may increase the latter’s problems. Sonalika is also fed up now but is unable to understand what she should do in this situation. She feels crushed between her childhood friendship with Deepti and the increasing stress in their relationship.couple2

Relationships which discourage you all the time

You are very excited about your job or boyfriend, but your friend’s opinion is different from yours. Not only this, your friend does not even hesitate to discourage you about your job or boyfriend every now and then. Maintaining a relationship with people who have fake concern and who demoralise you will adversely affect your personality as well.

Mean relationship

If your friend is taking advantage of you to fulfill his or her needs, it is bound to hurt you. If you are stuck in such a situation, you have to make a quick decision rather than undergoing stress. You should understand that your friend is taking advantage of your good nature.

Famous poet Sahir Ludhianvi had said, ‘Woh afsaana jise anjaam tak lanaa mumkin na ho, use ek khoobsurat mod dekar chhodna achha…’.  If your friendship is passing through a similar phase, you need to free yourself from that relationship.

1.    Do not take much time to bid adieu to such relationship. Your problems will increase with the delay.

2. Avoid blaming or accusing each other while ending the relationship or else you will erase beautiful memories of your relationship.

3. Indicate your intentions clearly. Your wavering attitude towards your friend is not going to support you.

4. Do not keep cold reactions for each other. If your social circle is the same then make sure that at least you say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to your friend even after you have separated.

Courtesy: Sakhi