Criminal Dating Scam Artists


Why is the Greed or Need for Money so Incredibly Evil?

money-evilI know we all need money. Those little pieces of paper (these days not even worth the cost for the ink on the bills), and the little coins that rule our worlds. I’m wondering why money is able to do what it does, in terms of pure destruction.

Money has started international wars. Money has broken otherwise strong homes. Every gang, politicians, and the corporate elites in existence has had one goal – get money. It can change people and make them do things they never would have thought they would do.

It seems that money has become like a 100% addictive drug. Once you learn about it and get your hands on some, you spend the rest of your life waiting and working for it. Even busting our behinds at a job we hate for 50 years, just so we can stop working.

If that were not so, the Dating Scam Artists would not reach such extremes. Since prevention is better than healing, I’ll continue to add (time permitting) more headlines for you to explore, and reason to be cautious about.

Inside the alleged Cancer Con: Cupid Came Calling for Cash.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Action News uncovers how a mother accused of faking cancer to swindle $100,000 went online for “love”, but detectives say she was really finding men to con.

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Scam artists targeting online dating sites

ACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Dorothy McDuffie didn’t want to tell anyone. “My family knew something was wrong with me because I was acting so different.  I wouldn’t let them in to help me.  I thought I could take care of myself,” she said. But McDuffie soon realized she couldn’t. This 64-year-old grandmother and retired flight attendant from Jacksonville was alone.  Her husband died a year earlier.

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