Russian Women


The Traditional Women Of Russia

This subject accumulated a lot of material and turned into a book.

russian-ladyThis book is about the traditional women of Russia. It will describe their character, attitudes and how to distinguish them from non-traditional women. Here you will read about Russia’s history & religion, and how Russian women were shaped by the dynamic events that have taken place over the many centuries. If you are one of the many men looking for a Russian woman to be your wife, this book can help create a more accurate understanding of them, providing helpful tools with which to aid your search.


 Summer in the City: shorts, T-shirts and flip-flopsThe Traditional Women Of Russia

Page 2 Chapter 1: Traditions
Page 3 Chapter 2: If it’s Too Good to Be True
Page 4 Chapter 3: Where to Look For a Traditional Woman
Page 5 Chapter 4: The Philosophy of Marriage
Page 6 Chapter 5: What Kind of Wife Do You Need?
Russian women4Page 7 Chapter 6: Back to the Future (or, Feminism the Soviet Way)
Page 8 Chapter 7: Formation of the Russian Character
Page 9 Chapter 8: Socialist Russia
Page 10 Chapter 9: Perestroika: The Reconstruction
Page 11 Chapter 10: The Woman You Are Looking For
Page 12 Chapter 11: This Mysterious Russian Soul and Character
Page 13 Chapter 12: Russians and Religion
Page 14 Chapter 13: Is There Sex in Russia?
Page 15 Chapter 14: FAQs

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