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travel-blog-magazineWhat in the first place makes some American men to look for a bride abroad? One of the main reasons is the obvious decline of the traditional family in the USA and a lack of local women with traditional character traits. Traditional marriage and family apparently aren’t satisfying the social and intimate needs of some men – and especially the growing numbers of women.

Still there are a lot of American men who are longing for a traditional marriage and family. They express a desire for an old-fashioned, exclusive, intimate relationship; they want to get married and have children. And they want their wives to be devoted and loving mothers and wives.

It seems that it’s a very natural and simple desire. However, attitudes toward marriage and family are evolving in the western world. Traditional forms of marriage are being tossed out the window. Many couples are stretching and remolding the institutions of traditional marriage and family and adopting non-traditional lifestyles. For western women, raising children has become less central to their lives.

As well, more and more American women are electing to have children outside of marriage, some even without consideration of men to fill a father’s role. Cohabitation is on the rise, the U.S. birth rate is down and the divorce rate is up. Nevertheless, many men want to adhere to “old-fashioned family values,” but they are discovering that this is becoming far more difficult to find. So they are increasingly looking to Eastern Europe, where traditional marriage and family are still much more commonly practiced.

So what does it mean – a traditional woman? This may mean different things to different people; so let’s clear the definition of the traditional woman or wife from the very beginning. The main quality that distinguishes her is the fact that she places the interests of her family, her husband, and her children as the main priorities in her life.

She is selfless, and she is ready if needed to sacrifice her career to dedicate her life to her family, serving in this role with pleasure. Actually, it is not a sacrifice for her – she feels absolutely happy and content in making this choice and considers her life to be fulfilled and successful. She feels no self-pity for putting her family first.

Traditional women tend to be very strong, well educated, and self-reliant. They are able to live independently, but they can’t imagine their lives without a family. Happiness for them means being connected to a stable, happy family life and children. They take deep satisfaction in the fact that they are women. They don’t want to look or act like men or compete with men in all spheres of life.

These women are generally old-fashioned about life and morality. They don’t understand and don’t accept many of the modern, liberal moral concepts that are now so commonly accepted in western societies. They maintain very high moral standards for themselves and the members of their families. Such women, regardless of their education, are the moral and spiritual backbones of their families. They are the “keepers of the family fireplace,” as they are sometimes called in Russia.

As we’ve already mentioned, there are not as many women with these precious qualities in the West, and there are not nearly as many of them in Russia as the marriage agencies would have you believe. Nevertheless, such women do still exist in Russia. In other chapters of this book you will learn more about the Russian character and how it was built. Traditional Russian women absorbed the traditions of the best Russian female character with the breast milk of their mothers.

Some time ago, in noble Russian families, the women of high society were extremely well educated and culturally aware. Nevertheless, their families, husbands, and children were their main care and duty. They were creating a unique atmosphere of high European culture in the home and raising their children in the best traditions of high morality and education.

Thanks to them, Russia produced many great works in music, literature, and art. These Russian women considered the upbringing of their children to be their highest spiritual mission. Their children were their pride and reward. Therefore, they dedicated their lives to them with enthusiasm.

Naturally, the well-being and happiness of their husbands was also a primary goal for the women of that golden epoch. There are legends about the dedication and the selflessness of traditional Russian women. In 1825, the nobleman’s revolt (the “Decembrists”) against the totalitarian monarchy was discovered, and several hundred noblemen who participated in that revolt were banished to Siberia, an area infamous for its extremely harsh living conditions.

They were deprived of all their privileges and titles, and sent as common criminals, locked in chains and shackles. The wives and children of these men were not banished by the government, but nonetheless chose to sacrifice the high advantages and luxury of their lives in the capital to follow their husbands to Siberia. They lived there in extreme poverty and hardship for many years. Many years after the Czar returned the noblemen’s titles and all the privileges to their children born in Siberia, many of them chose to stay, having begun new generations of families.

You can find traditional women in Russian cities and villages. They may be highly educated or have only High School diplomas. They are different in appearance, age, social status and career achievements, but the main quality that unites them is their desire to create a traditional family which will be the center and the priority of their lives. But even in Russia, identifying these girls takes experience and patience.

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