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Where to Look For a Traditional Woman

summer in the city1The best way to start is to locate and contact only local Russian marriage agencies — not those that work together with Western agencies, but the independent ones. Unfortunately, not all of them have their own e-mail addresses or sites on the Internet, and if they have a website it most likely in Russian, which makes the search even more challenging. The marriage agencies of Siberia, north, center, and south Russia are the best places to start.

Before picking a local marriage agency, examine the region, taking into consideration your philosophy, lifestyle, and your own cultural interests. What about numerous dating sites? They give you the opportunity to expand the pool of people you could potentially meet and fall in love with. They allow people to talk and learn about each other in a low stress environment. They allow people with similar interests to congregate and meet fellow fanciers from all over the world.

But …

There are a few dangers of online dating in particular that you are going to want to watch out for.

One of the biggest dangers of online dating is getting scammed. Most likely you have heard stories before about people who went on online dating sites to try and find love or a friendship and who ended up getting conned.

You can spot these scams and avoid one of the biggest dangers of online dating however, as long as you are careful. If a gorgeous (according to her photos) Russian woman seems too forward or too eager not only to meet you, but be your wife, then you should be wary. If in her second letter to you she calls you: “My Prince and Knight” – be aware. If she asks you for money to pay for her visa (ticket, sick mother, water bill, etc…), you should probably just stop talking to her altogether.

In fact, the US Embassy in Russia receives reports every single day from people concerned they’ve been scammed by a Russian single looking for love online. To protect yourself, follow the basic safety tips for online dating and ask your date lots of questions. Ask her for her home address and phone number, call her and google her to be sure that she is not on any “Russian black mail list”. And more important:

  • Don’t send her money, at least until you meet her in person and trust her!
  • Never stress your wealth, house value, car model, etc. You will attract a gold digger and push away a sincere girl, who will think that you are trying to “buy” her. It’s appropriate and even wise to say that you are financially stable, but never showcase any wealth you may have.
  • Watch for any warning signs in your communications
  • Do your homework to understand the culture and what it will take to marry a foreign woman. Remember also that you will no longer be just an American home. Now you will have a home that enjoys a dual culture.

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