Russian Women


Page 5 Chapter 4:

The Philosophy of Marriage

russian-women-katyaThere are at least four kinds of traditional marriages. Each has its own tasks and mission.

There is marriage that is based on the romantic and sexual feelings of the partners. There is a marriage that is based on a stable and secure life and the upbringing of children.

There is a marriage that is based on a relationship between equals: spouses : comrades : partners. Finally, there is a spiritual marriage one that can be created by two exclusively bright personalities, joined by common ideas and spirituality. These are the marriages of missionaries, idealists, philosophers, and people of high or extraordinary intellect.

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they are idealistically expecting everything at once from a marriage — a secure life, a bright passionate lover, partnership, and high spiritual closeness. Though all of the above factors may be present in any marriage in various proportions, there will always be one of these factors that dominate and serve as the basis of every marriage. All of the other relations are secondary, and sometimes they are not present at all.

Depending on your own family experiences and the surroundings you grew up in, you’ve likely established images of your ideal marriage. Sometimes this ideal image changes with the years. In youth, people tend to aspire more to a romantic marriage. With the years, spiritual harmony seems to gain more importance. Before starting a search for a fiancee, try to become settled on what kind of a marriage is most attractive and suitable for you. The type of a woman you are seeking and the resulting level of success will heavily depend on it.

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