Ukrainian Women


How Ukrainian Women Differ from Russian Women

Ukrainian girls1For the majority of foreigners Russian and Ukrainian women and people in general are all the same. Well, they do share a lot in common – in Slavic origin, cultures and history. Many Ukrainian people live in Russia and many Russians live in Ukraine. But as many characteristics and customs of Canadians are different from those of Americans, so do Ukrainians differ from Russians.

ukrainepagansIf we look back to the history of Ukraine, we will see that it became a part of the Russian State only in the middle of the 17th century. By that time Ukrainian people were heavily influenced by Polish, Lithuanian and Turkish cultures & traditions. They had also created a unique and rather democratic community of “free warriors” – “Cossacks,” who protected and defended Ukraine’s borders. All these factors shaped the national Ukrainian character into a more westernized and free-spirited people than Russians.

travel-blog-magazineUkraine is blessed with an extraordinarily beautiful nature, mild climate and “chernozem” – black soil – which is very fertile and produces a high quality agricultural yield. It also gave people who lives in this land of beauty and natural abundance very unique qualities – poetic souls, warm hearts, an understanding of beauty and … a little bit of laziness.

Ukrainian girlsEven the Ukrainian language sounds milder, more musical and poetic than the Russian language. And a significantly disproportionate number of well-known “Russian” singers and musicians have Ukrainian names and heritage.

woman1So, talking about the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women, I want to point out that in general you will find that Ukrainian women are:

  1. More independent and free-spirited. Many of them have a part of “Cossack” spirit or blood in them. The downside of this feature is that they have less patience than Russian women and a more excitable temperament. So if you are not a control freak and don’t mind having a good skirmish on occasion, a Ukrainian woman can be a good choice for you.
  2. More self-centered and self-reliant. They like to be in charge and make their own decisions. Traditionally, women in Ukrainian families are responsible for budgeting and decision-making. The majority of them are also the great “motivational and leading force” for their Ukrainian husbands who, sometimes, are famous for being somewhat lazy. And therein lies the primary reason why Ukrainian women are more self reliant and forceful than their Russian sisters.
  3. More practical. Russians are famous for being dreamers and not as practical and will gravitate to spiritual values over material acquisitions. Ukrainians value the good life. They want the best and they try to create a little prosperous heaven in their homes. Ukrainians women are usually very thrifty housekeepers and excellent cooks and they are rather demanding that their husbands be good providers. Some men don’t mind it, but some may feel this as an unreasonable pressure or greediness.
  4. Don’t have too much respect for authority and rules. They say that a traditional Ukrainian character is somewhat anarchistic and rebellious. So most likely your Ukrainian wife will have a mind of her own and will find her own way to do things even if she verbally agrees with your opinion.

freedom-for-women1In general, Ukrainian women are warmer, more sensual and more energetic than Russian women. Sometimes it is more difficult to deal with Ukrainian women because of their high temperament and demands. If a Russian woman may feel special love and tenderness for a “loser” and treat him as a “sick child,” a Ukrainian woman will most likely prefer a man who will be a strong provider for their family and reject an unsuccessful one. But just as their Russian sisters, Ukrainian women are deeply family oriented and will invest a lot of effort to keep their families strong and happy.